When you deploy new F&O environment with power platform integration, automatically Dataverse environment is deployed which auto configure VE solutions and other dual write solutions which are required for bidirectional integration between Dataverse and F&O. However there are scenarios where you have to point it to existing Dataverse environment to newly deployed environment.

Now this involves configuring DW components (Installing required solutions) on the existing dataverse environment and if required configuring VE solutions. You have to perform all these things manually on your existing Dataverse environment. Once you have done with all the required configurations for DW, You can run the dual write wizard in F&O and select the existing environment which you want to connect with.

Just make sure you have completed all the prerequisites needed for linking two environments using DW wizard. You can get more information about those from my previous blog.

Second step in this process is changing link on the LCS power platform integration section.

Currently there is no self service ability to change this link on LCS. In order to change this, you will have to go through Microsoft support and create support case to change it from backend. You must note that to link these environments those must present in the same region. For example, If you deploy your F&O environment is West US and your Dataverse environment exist in US East, those environments can not be linked because of some obvious reasons like network latency.

Also note, Dataverse environment does not show you region. Power platform admin center just shows that its in United States but you wont know until you raise ticket with Microsoft support to know in which region(West US, East US) its exactly deployed.

First you have to move one of your environment in the same region as other environment, then only you can link your environments. Also note, deployment of Dataverse environments happens only in US east and West US region. So If you want to link your F&O environments, make sure to deploy those in these regions. As per this link, Central us is no longer supported, however from LCS you can still select central US.

Per my conversation with Microsoft support, you can not change power platform integration link for tier1 environments at this point. Only Tier 2 environments can be updated using your existing Dataverse environment link.

Scenario 2- Link existing F&O and Dataverse environments with each other and enable power platform integration.

In order to link existing F&O enviornment with dataverse enviornment you have to follow following steps.

  1.  Manually configure your dual-write and/or virtual entity solutions to link the Finance and Operations apps environment to the Power Platform environment you have.
  2. Work with Microsoft support  to link the enviornments from LCS. If you have luxary of working with Microsoft fastTrack you have chance of getting it done fairly quickly.

You can visit Microsoft docs page to get more information about your scenario’s related to this topic.