In this blog post we will see step by step process for installing and configuring dual write solutions

Dual write provides native near real time integration between dataverse and Finance and operations. You can integrate data for customers , products ,workers ,vendors etc. between customer engagements apps and F&O. More information about dual write you can get over here.

Setting up DW for new F&O instance

The set up of power platform integraiton which includes dual write and virtual entity solutions starts from LCS. If you have license for Microsoft power platform, whenever you deploy tier 1 or tier 2 instance you have a option to enable Power platform integration and deploy a dataverse instance in your tenant.

The process for deploying new environment is very simple. When you create new could hosted environment or tier 2 environment you get the below option where you can enable power platform integration and select standard template or project operations template based on your need.

Once the deployment is completed you get a new dataverse environment in your tenant with the same name as your F&O environment. If you visit power platform admin center you can see sandbox environment created with same name as your F&O environment name.

Also depending on the template you select other solutions are also installed as a part of this deployment. As I selected project operations template while deploying environment,  dual write maps, project operations dual write maps are installed along with dual write core solution.

As a part of this deployment, solutions required for performing integrations using virtual entity are also get installed.

Another important prerequisite required for linking dataverse and Finance and operations environment is application users in dataverse and Finance and operations. As a part of deployment these users are also added automatically.

Application users in Dataverse

One of the user with application id 2e49aa60-1bd3-43b6-8ab6-03ada3d9f08b is added as a Data Integration user in application users view in dataverse.

Another user with Application id 00000015-0000-0000-c000-000000000000 is added with name “Finance and operations Service account”

If you are not able to find these users on UI or using advance find option in dataverse then you can check these users using following query$filter=(applicationid%20eq%202e49aa60-1bd3-43b6-8ab6-03ada3d9f08b)

The output should look like below where you can search by application Id.

Application users in Finance and Operations

You can visit System administration > Set up > Azure active directory application forms to verify added application Id’s in F&O.

As all solutions are installed and required users added in both the applications, the only thing you have to perform is link F&O and dataverse through FO data management tile by running a wizard. The health check should pass while running the wizard and you should be able to link F&O and dataverse environment without any issues.

How to apply dual write maps in F&O

Once you link your environments successfully , you can open dual write tile from data management. You wont see any maps on the screen. On the top ribbon you can click on apply solution button to apply dual write and project operations maps.

That’s all for now. In the next blog we will see how to link F&O environment to existing Dataverse environment with project ops template.