With recently released features in LCS its now possible to connect finance and operations environments with existing dataverse environments. In this blog post we will go through the process of linking F&O enviornment with dataverse enviornment through LCS. The old process was described in this article (https://elearnd365.com/2021/11/13/link-newly-created-fo-environment-with-existing-dataverse-environment/ )

As a part of power platform integration, each F&O enviornment receives a power platform enviornment without dataverse. While deploying F&O environments you have option to select provisioning templates (https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/fin-ops-core/dev-itpro/power-platform/enable-power-platform-integration#provisioning-templates )which creates Power Platform environment with Dataverse.

If you have an existing dataverse enviornment, you can link it with F&O enviornment using LCS with the help of following process.

Visit the power platform integration section for the F&O environment which you want to connect to dataverse environment and click on set up button shown in below screen.

Copy enviornment Id of dataverse enviornment you want to connect with form power platform admin center. You can find it by clicking on the environment details page from the field highlighted below.

Use enviornment id copied from above step on the following screen. Make sure to check box use an existing power platform enviornment to Yes and click on Set up button.

You will see the following warning message which states you cannot reverse this action.

Click on the confirm button which will trigger linking and provisioning power platform environment.

If you check the status in LCS this provisioning steps configure solutions for Dual write , virtual entities and other prerequisites required to power platform integration work.

Once the enviornment linking is done successfully, you can check the status in the power platform integration section in LCS as shown below-

Once important thing to note when you perform this action is that, once you connection your F&O enviornment with power platform enviornment you can not unlink it. If you want to connection it to different dataverse enviornment you must redeploy your F&O environment.