How to manage security for Open in Excel option in journal screens In Dynamics 365 F&O

The open in excel option present on the journal screen you can create, update, and delete data very efficiently. For finance users it’s a go to tool for uploading and updating journal entries.

When we design security roles, there is always a requirement to make these options available for certain user roles.

As we commonly known, security for this option is driven by data entities driven by a particular form. So, if you have security privileges created for a particular data entity then you can assign those to a duty and assign that duty to your role in order to get access to open in excel option.

However there are some scenarios where it’s not driven by security privilege assigned to data entities available on the form or I can say it’s not accessible because look up form menu item which displays us those template is not attached to security privilege. While working with Hour Journal in Project management and accounting module I found that even after assigning the security privileges associate with ProjJournalTransEntity to my user role and user having full access to this form, use did not get access to this option.

In such a scenario, you can go to the open in excel option right click on it and check associates look up form. Make sure look up form menu item has been assigned to a security privilege in the standard application. If not, you can create a new one and assign it to your duty assigned to your customize security role.

As you can see clear difference in below picture LedgerJournalExcelTemplateLookup is assigned to standard privilege whereas ProjectJournalExcelTemplateLookup is not assigned to anything

So conclusion it along with data entity security, please make sure you have security privileges assigned to look up Menu item which shows different template potions in the drop down.